G2E Global Gaming Expo Unveils New Innovations in Las Vegas

G2E Global Gaming Expo 2023

G2E Global Gaming Expo Unveils New Innovations in Las Vegas

The launch of the G2E Global Gaming Expo Las Vegas 2023 was held in Las Vegas from October 9 to 12, showcasing exciting new gaming innovations. And one of the highlights of this expo is Launching the first official NFL slot machine created in collaboration with Aristocrat Gaming, the NFL and the NFL Players Association, the six new games give players the opportunity to choose their favorite NFL team. and offers a customized gaming experience with highlights from the team.

“We really believe that this will create new slot players People who might come to a sportsbook and see an attractive NFL machine,” said Kurt Gissane, senior vice president of sales for Aristocrat Gaming in North America. The game is scheduled to launch in various casinos. Before the Super Bowl One game is already available at the Venetian.

Another notable innovation showcased at the trade show was introduced by Pavilion Payments, a Las Vegas-based software company. Pavilion Payments is revolutionizing the way casino payments are made using code scanning. QR and mobile payments Instead of transacting with cash or card Players can scan a QR code to activate the website. Choose your preferred payment platform. and can start playing This new payment method aims to save time for players by eliminating the need to purchase tickets or use an ATM before playing again.

Overall, the G2E Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas showcased exciting innovations that promise to improve the gaming experience for players and attract new audiences to the world of slots and casino games.

source : KTNV Las Vegas
source : Aristocrat Gaming

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